Activities on offer

What we do

A team of 6 staff and 6 volunteers provide an excellent range of activities and assist with individual support. We provide activities during the morning and afternoon sessions.


  • Shuffle board, Basketball,
  • Table cricket & Table tennis,
  • Roller-ball, Golf,
  • Music & Exercise
Find us: 62 St James’s Street, Brighton, BN2 1PR


  • Talks given by other services and organisations, discussion, quizzes, and reminiscing


  • Art classes, manicures and pamper days, hairdressing, discussions, cake and bread baking,
  • Visits from theatre troupes and entertainers
  • Table games such as triominoes and cards
  • Themed event days and cultural awareness events
  • Visits from theatre troupes and entertainers

Our positive reviews

My grandad “Roy” has been using the centre since his other one closed down . He was apprehensive at first. But the staff supported him to adjust to the new times and day. When he went he found a lot of the people he knows from the old day centre now go to Somerset Day Centre.

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If you are interested in Somerset Centre Services you can find all our contact details are found on our contact page.
Or call us directly 01273 699000